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Music Education

Study Abroad in Jamaica

Teach in Jamaica

The trips of the Jamaica Field Service Project include music education students from across the US. These university students work under the supervision of our certified music educators and professors. Our music students provide instruction and donations of instruments to the primary and basic schools of Jamaica, establishing ongoing music program in rural schools, which otherwise could not afford music education. University students train extensively before and during their trip, preparing for their work in the schools. With over 40 hours of contact time, students may arrange to receive academic, practicum, or observation credit from the State University of New York or through their home university.

Participants also experience the music of Jamaica, with a strong emphasis on the traditional Afro-Caribbean drumming, reggae, ska, and mento music that is such a large part of traditional Jamaican culture.

Interested students should fill out the online application. They will then be contacted to setup a brief telephone interview. Students are urged to apply early, as trip sizes are limited.

Afro-Caribbean Drumming

JAFSP music majors study traditional Afro-Caribbean drumming during the trips of the JAFSP, and then

teach drumming in the primary schools.

Music class in the yard

Happy Music Student

Working in the basic schools

Primary school students

Short term study abroad and service learning in Jamaica. Open to university students from across the US. The JAFSP has worked in more Jamaican schools than any other US aid organization!

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