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Study Abroad in Jamaica

Short term study abroad and service learning in Jamaica. Open to university students from across the US. The JAFSP has worked in more Jamaican schools than any other US aid organization!

MT-BC Supervised Music Therapy Clinical Hours

JAFSP 2023 Trips

Interested students should fill out the online application. They will then be contacted to setup a brief telephone interview. Students are urged to apply early, as trip sizes are limited.

Supervised Clinical Work in Jamaica

Students train extensively before and during their trip, preparing for their work in the care centers under the supervision of our AMTA certified MT-BC’s.

Music Therapy Students

School Of Hope Jamaica

Supervised Clinical Work

Group Session

The trips of the Jamaica Field Service Project include music therapy students and professionals from across the US. These university students work under the supervision of board certified music therapists and professors. Our music therapy students work at a variety of locations throughout the rural parishes of Jamaica, including the Infirmaries, hospitals, homeless shelters, and special needs schools across the island. Music therapists are able to assist a wide variety of needy populations in Jamaica, including geriatric, homeless, children with autism, and developmentally disabled populations.


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