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Study Abroad in Jamaica

Community Health Volunteers

The JAFSP regularly brings healthcare volunteers to Jamaica. Our community health majors function as health teachers in the local schools. Nursing students can volunteer in the local hostpitals and infirmaries. On some of the JAFSP trips, volunteers also work in the local geriatric and homeless centers, doing volunteer work and “comfort visits” with the elderly and homeless of Jamaica.

Health volunteers study the online materials and lesson plants before arrival in Jamaica, healthcare volunteers also meet with their JAFSP supervisor prior to their work in the schools and care centers.

Interested students should fill out the online application. They will then be contacted to setup a brief telephone interview. Students are urged to apply early, as trip sizes are limited.

JAFSP Community Health Volunteers

Health students work in the schools and communities in Jamaica, offering health instruction and services. JAFSP health volunteers work in the primary and basic schools, offering ongoing health classes, instruction and services.

Students at the Infirmary

Working in the Primary School

Basic School Students

Primary School Lesson


Short term study abroad and service learning in Jamaica. Open to university students from across the US. The JAFSP has worked in more Jamaican schools than any other US aid organization!

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