Materials for Tutors

The participants in the Jamaica Field Service Project volunteer in the local schools. While at the schools, students offer their assistance by tutoring in a variety of subjects, including literacy, health, math, geography, phys-ed, and English. Students in the JAFSP spend the majority of their volunteer time in the rural primary schools, offering tutoring and services otherwise not available. Be sure to study the course materials for JAFSP tutors by clicking the topics above (Literacy, Art, Heath).  

Study the appropriate materials for your tutoring work (Literacy, Art, or Health) by clicking one of the links above. In addition, make sure you are studying all of the materials in both the culture and travel sections of the online course materials.

We will further prepare for your work in the schools on site in Jamaica, during a series of training sessions. If you have any questions about the specific volunteer work you will be doing in Jamaica, be sure to contact the JAFSP at info@jafsp.org