JAFSP Travel Tips

Program participants will receive their flight vouchers by email before their trip, as well as regular reminders via the trip’s Facebook page. It will be important to check your email regularly and reply to the documents and travel information that is sent to you before your trip to Jamaica.

The articles and links to the right will help prepare you for your upcoming trip. It will be important that you arrive in Jamaica with all the clothing and other items that you will need for your trip. Be sure to pack all items on the packing list, as well as carefully reviewing the guidelines for dress during the trip. You will also find other important travel tips and reminders for program participants. Be sure you read these items carefully, so that you are ready to go! (Just click on the 4 “Topics to Study” to the right...)

If you have any questions about travel before your trip to Jamaica, contact the JAFSP at info@jafsp.org