Songs for JAFSP Music Education Students

The musical materials below are tried and tested during many field service trips of the JAFSP. These materials are based on the traditional Jamaican folk music that you will be studying while in Jamaica. Memorize the songs below before your trip, for use during your music education field work in the local schools. If you play guitar also be sure to learn all the chords. It is crucial that these songs are committed to memory before arrival in Jamaica, in order to be prepared for the work you will be doing, as there will not be time during evening training sessions to learn these materials. If there are any revisions to this basic list of songs, your supervisors on the trip will contact you prior to departure, with any additions or deletions. Otherwise, plan on learning all of the traditional folk, mento, calypso, reggae, and ska songs listed below, so you are ready for anything. As folk music, the recordings may vary, so if you encounter any differences between the recordings, and the printed songs, go with the lead sheet. Additional musical materials will be covered on site in Jamaica, during the regular prep sessions, and during the daily Afro Caribbean drumming classes. If you have any questions as you are preparing the musical materials listed below, contact the JAFSP at wills@jafsp.org.

Songs to Memorize:

National Anthem - All JAFSP students should memorize the Jamaican National Anthem

Mango Time - One of many traditional Jamaican “mango songs”

Rivers of Babylon - Traditional Jamaican Rastafarian hymn

Waata Come a Mi Eye - Another traditional Jamaican folk song popularized by Harry Belafonte

Linstead Market (Carry Me Ackee) - Very popular old Jamaican folk song

Three Little Birds - By Bob Marley, practically a second Jamaican national anthem!

Children’s Songs - Chords and lyrics for use in the basic schools (age 3-5)

Brown GIrl in the Ring - Traditional Jamaican ring game