Required Reading List:

The required texts below can be found either at the student’s university library, or at www.amazon.com. Students who participate in the trips of the JAFSP should select and read at least one of the following books before their trip to Jamaica:

Going Home to Teach,  (328 p.) by Anthony C. Winkler-By a Jamaican teacher and author

Catch a Fire,  (576 p.) by Timothy White-Biography of Bob Marley and overall history of Jamaican music

Tell My Horse,  (336 p.) by Zora Neale Hurston – Survey of Obeah and ritual in Jamaica and Haiti

JAFSP Student Documents:

Welcome from the Director

JAFSP Study Abroad Syllabus

JAFSP Student Conduct Agreement

JAFSP Music Therapy Clinical Agreement

JAFSP Travel Reminders

JAFSP Clothing Reminders

JAFSP Packing List