Packing and Luggage Requirements

Unless otherwise notified, you will need to have each of the items listed below during your trip to Jamaica. If you have any questions before purchasing any items, feel free to contact the JAFSP info@jafsp.org

Passport and drivers license (and a xeroxed copy of your passport photo page)

Health insurance information (i.e. insurance card with contact info)

Bring all funds needed for the trip in US cash (not traveler’s checks or ATM

Bug Spray - DEET will work the best, the stronger the better (i.e. 99-100% Deet)

Small flashlight and batteries - for walking around guesthouse grounds at night

Enough clothes for the (11 day) trip - doing laundry will be impractical

Pack mostly short sleeved shirts and shorts (click here for more info on clothing...)

Bring 1 pair of long pants and a 1 long sleeved shirt, for chilly evening or mosquitos

Shoes for walking, hiking, teaching (i.e. sneakers or lightweight hiking shoes)

Teva’s (hiking/water shoes) - Essential for hikes and excursions

Hat - to block the sun while walking, teaching outside, etc

Sunglasses and sunscreen (SPF 30 or higher)

Bathing suit

Beach/bath towels (not always provided by guesthouse)

Ear-plugs - In case treefrogs or local sound-systems get loud at night

All supplies, gear and materials for your volunteer work 

Blue or black pen -  carry on the plane with you for customs forms

Hand sanitizer, to use while working

Small travel umbrella or rainjacket - we will tour and work in the schools, rain or shine

Bring any medicines you might need - filling prescriptions will be impractical

Band-aids, neosporin aspirin, etc (make a little travel first-aid kit for yourself)

Stomach medicine (such as Immodium)

Soap and small bottle of shampoo

Glasses, or extra contact lenses and solution, if needed

Wristwatch - to pace your lessons, show up on time for lunch and dinner, etc. 

Bandana or hankerchief - in case it gets really hot

Feel free to bring small electronics, such as cameras, camcorders, ipods, etc.

Carry on (fully charged) cellphone, and a charger (in case you have flight problems)

Something to do at night, such as books, games, etc. (see syllabus for good books) 


You may bring one large checked bag, weighing no more than 50 pounds. Make sure it is labeled with your name. Liquids should be packed in your checked bag. Check your airline’s website for their specific size and weight restrictions on both checked and carry-on luggage. You are typically allowed 1 large carry-on item and 1 additional small carry-on item (small bookbag, etc.) You smaller carry-on should be a size that could fit under your seat, and may include your passport, delicate electronics, pen, ipods, etc. Your large carry-on item will be JAFSP program gear, school supplies, or musical instrument, such as a drum, guitar, etc. for use in the schools and care centers. Program gear and supplies will be assigned before the trip, to carry to Jamaica as your large carry on item or in your checked luggage. 

At the Airport in Jamaica

When passing through customs at the airport in Jamaica, your are a “tourist” visiting for vacation, and are bringing all musical instruments and school supplies back with you (to the US) when you are done in Jamaica. Needless to say, if asked, you are free to say that you will be doing volunteer work in the local schools during your visit, but that the items will be brought back to the US when done. If customs officials think you are donating ANYTHING to the schools, they will charge you an extremely expensive duty (tariff) for the item. Often times the tariff for items donated to a school will equal more than that item would cost in the US. 

Questions?  If you have any questions, feel free to email the JAFSP at info@jafsp.org