Welcome to the JAFSP!

The JAFSP staff and professors look forward to working with you in Jamaica! Between now and your upcoming trip, you will be invited to join the JAFSP Facebook Group. This will allow you to get to know the other students on the trip, as well a being a useful way of communicating with students. You will also receive a series of emails as well, which will include your flight info, and other important travel information and reminders about your trip.

Be sure to check these course materials often, in order to be well prepared for your upcoming trip to Jamaica. It will be seen as a sign of respect, that you have taken the time to learn about Jamaican culture before going there to work. Jamaicans are very proud of their country, and will take great pride in your knowledge of their rich history and culture.

Be sure to check out the JAFSP Documents, where you will find the course syllabus, conduct agreement, required reading, and other documents and materials for JAFSP participants.

As always, if you have any questions before your departure, you can contact the JAFSP by phone at 1-518-288-8652, or by email at wills@jafsp.org

I look forward to working with you in Jamaica!

Eric Wills

Founding DIrector Jamaica Field Service Project