Important Jamaican Dates

1494: Columbus arrives Jamaica

1509: Spaniards rule the island 

1520: Banana brought to Jamaica

1655: Independence from Spain / Jamaica becomes English Colony

1664: Henry Morgan (pirate) became Governor of Jamaica

1692: Port Royal Earthquake

1728 Coffee brought to Jamaica

1738: Leeward Maroons win independence from British

1739: Windward Maroons win independence from British

1793: Ackee brought to Jamaica

1838: Emancipation of all Jamaican slaves 

1865: Morant Bay Rebellion - Jamaica defeated by British (Sam Sharpe)

1907: Kingston earthquake

1930: Rastafarianism begins in Jamaica

1962: Independence from Britain

1966: Haile Selassie visits Jamaica

1972: Michael Manley becomes prime minister  PNP 

1980: Edward Seaga becomes prime minister after JLP wins general elections

1981: Bob Marley dies

1987: Peter Tosh murdered

1988: Hurricane Gilbert hits Jamaica

1989: Michael Manley is re-elected PM

1990: Irie FM - Reggae radio begins in Jamaica

2003: UK introduces visa requirement for Jamaicans entering UK 

2004: Hurricane Ivan hits Jamaica

2006: Death of Jamaican National Poet Miss Lou

2006: Portia Simpson Miller becomes Jamaica's first female primer minister 

2010: Operation to arrest Christopher "Dudus" Coke. He is extradited to the US

2014: Musician Vybz Kartel trial ends (longest trial in Jamaican history)