Jamaica Facts

Size - 146 miles by 51 miles

Caribbean - Third largest island

Population - 2.8 million

Language - Patois / English

14 Parishes

Capital - Kingston

Independence from Britain in 1962

Prime Minister is Andrew Holness

Average temp is 81 Degrees 

The Jamaican Flag

1962 - Jamaica Gains Independence From Britain / New Flag Created

    Black - The People

    Yellow - The Sun

    Green - The Land

Some Famous People in the History of Jamaica

Try doing a google search for the word Jamaica and the name of an individual below, to learn more about their role in the history of the country...

Christopher Columbus                        

Miss Lou

Henry Morgan                                     

Peter Tosh

Nanny Maroon                                   

Bob Marley


Ian Fleming                             

Noel Coward                                     

Lee “Scratch” Perry

Marcus Garvey                                  

Errol Flynn

Norman Manley                                  

Haile Selassie

King Tubby                                        

Sly and Robbie

Sir Coxsone Dodd                             

Chris Blackwell

Portia Simpson

Colin Powell

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