Materials for Literacy Tutors...

While in Jamaica the university students of the JAFSP offer much needed tutoring in the area of literacy, in both the basic and primary schools. We also make donations of school supplies to our participating Jamaican schools. While in the schools, university students help in a variety of settings; typically small groups or one-on-one. Often time we may work with remedial students, or assist in preparing for one of the upcoming standardized exams, which are quite common in Jamaica. The materials, ideas, and lesson plans below are part of the collection of instructional materials which are specifically appropriate to our work in the schools of Jamaica. Study all of the links below very carefully...

Literacy and Reading Documents: These documents are intended to help give JAFSP students some background for the literacy tutoring in Jamaica. Due to the thick Patois spoken across the island, at times literacy teaching in Jamaica is similar in some ways to ESL tutoring. All JAFSP students assist in the area of literacy tutoring, and should study the documents below carefully before their trip (click below)

5 Components of Literacy

Phonemic Awareness

Balanced Literacy

Book Walk

Dolch Words

Literacy Exam.pdf

Literacy Activities for the Schools: The activities and lesson plans below are examples of the types of activities you will be doing in the primary school in Jamaica. Multiple copies of the books will be provided on site, and the JAFSP students carry the necessary school supplies from the US, which we donate to the schools in Jamaica.  The lesson ideas below are intended to reinforce various concepts, often times through an activity which follows the reading of a book. These activities build enthusiasm about reading and literacy in the schools, while also allowing students an opportunity to meet and speak with you.  (click below)

A House for Hermit Crab

Where the Wild Things Are

Caps for Sale

Goodnight Moon

The Snowy Day

Letter Writing

Social Studies: A group lesson plan, modeled after the introductory lesson used by Peace Corp workers. This group discussion will test the student’s knowledge of the US, while also testing your knowledge of Jamaica! "Jamaica and America - Differences and SImilarities - Group Discussion"