Pre Departure Materials for JAFSP Students

In order to prepare for their volunteer work, students should be sure to familiarize themselves with all course documents and materials specific to the service learning work they will do in Jamaica, tutoring, health, music education, or music therapy.

Make sure you study these course materials carefully before your upcoming trip to Jamaica, so you are prepared for your volunteer service.

In addition, all students should be sure to study the "JA History and Culture", and "JAFSP Travel Tips", before your upcoming trip.

Tutors and Health

Music Therapy

Music Education

Music education majors click here to access online materials

Tutors and health majors should study these online mateirials

Cleick here for the online Music Therray materails and music

JA History and Culture

JAFSP Travel Tips

Course Documents

Jamaica is the third largest island in the Caribbean. It is s very diverse country with a rich culture and history. Students who participate in the trips of the JAFSP should learn about Jamaican culture and history by clicking on the link below.

Before traveling to Jamaica, students should carefully read all of the travel tips and JAFSP pre-departure materials. You can click the link below for the packing list, clothing requirements, and other tips on flying and traveling in Jamaica...