Clothing Reminders for JAFSP Participants

Bring a variety very lightweight, summer clothing - as the temperature will generally be between 75-85 degrees. While at the guesthouse, around town, or on tours, dress will be very casual hot weather clothing, just like you would wear at home in during the summer.  If it rains, the mosquitoes may come out at night, so you may also wish to bring  a pair of lightweight long pants and a light long sleeved shirt. Pack a lightweight rainjacket or small umbrella as we will travel and work - rain or shine. 

Jamaica is a rather traditional country. In the rural areas (away from the large resorts) topless or nude sunbathing is not considered appropriate. You should not wear extremely skimpy bathing attire in the countryside. 

While at work, dress will range from casual to semi-casual, summer clothing - depending on the site, so bring a variety of warm weather ware.  While working in the schools and care-centers, do not wear any clothing which shows your shoulders or midriff. Men may wear nice shorts (i.e. khakis - not gym shorts, cutoffs, or surf shorts) or long pants to the schools or care centers, and should wear a short sleeved collared shirt (buttoned or polo).  For work, women should either wear a skirt or pants/capris which come to or below their knees, and a nice looking, lightweight summer shirt - which does not expose their shoulders. Overall, dress for the care centers will be a bit more formal than at the schools (where we are often working outside). It is important to look nice while working, while also wearing clothing that is lightweight, and allows you to work in or outdoors. Come prepared for anything from very casual, hiking and swim wear, to slightly more professional looking attire, which still allows you to work and walk in the heat.

As for footwear, at the schools and care centers, a sandal or lightweight flat shoe is fine. On some occasions, we will be walking some distance to our work sights - so be prepared to have something you can walk in (heels will not work!). It is also handy to bring something you can walk in - both in and out of water. As per the packing list for the course, Teva’s or similar study hiking sandal are required.

In addition, it is a good idea to have some type of hat that will block the sun, for walking and working outdoors on sunny days.

Do bring enough clothing for the entire 11 day trip, as it will be difficult to do your laundry while in Jamaica. The maximum weight of your checked bag is 50 pounds (that’s a lot of clothes). Please limit yourself to one checked bag (unless your second checked items is a musical instrument, school supplies, or other gear for the trip.)

You may also consider bringing some clothing that you can leave in Jamaica. T-shirts, jeans, sneakers and other clothing items are greatly appreciated, and the local Peace Corp workers will make sure they get to people who need them.

If you have any further questions about attire in Jamaica - you may contact the JAFSP

by clicking on this link - info@jafsp.org