Lesson Materials for Art Teachers...

During the trips of the JAFSP, we often bring art students who work in the Jamaican primary and basic schools. These art majors use our donations of school and art supplies to offer art instruction to students ages 6 through 12. These materials, ideas, and lesson plans below are part of the collection of instructional materials which are specifically appropriate to our work in the schools of Jamaica.

Art teachers may also consider bringing along their own ideas and materials which would be appropriate to our work with children ages 6-12 (and occasionally ages 3-5).

Visual Art Lesson Plans

1) Name Fish Lesson

2) Pattern Tiles Lesson

3) Leaf Rubbings Lesson

4) Chalk Sea Creatures LessonP

5) Paper Plate Masks

6) Ink Blots Lesson

note - you will review this and all lesson materials during the on site training sessions that will take place in Jamaica, before you start your volunteer work in the schools...