JAFSP Tutoring and Service Learning in Jamaica

Work with the experienced staff of JAFSP professors and instructors, volunteering in the schools of Jamaica... The JAFSP worked in more Jamaican schools than any other US aid organization!


The JAFSP is open to college students of all majors, who volunteer in the local community, schools and care centers of Jamaica. Students are trained and supervised by our staff of professors, NYS certified teachers, and (on our music therapy trips) AMTA board certified music therapists. Coursework includes a combination of online pre-departure materials and on site instruction in Jamaica.

The total student fee per trip is $3300-$3700, depending on the specific trip, enrollment and location. The student fee includes all travel expenses in Jamaica; including flights, housing, shuttles and taxis, all tours and guides, etc. The student travel fee is due 12 weeks before the date of departure.

Students must have a valid passport for travel to Jamaica. There are no immunizations required by the CDC. Most students are covered by their parents health-insurance while studying abroad. Those students who aren’t may purchase travel insurance for the dates of travel.

Interested students should fill out the online application. They will then be contacted to setup a brief telephone interview. Students are urged to apply early, as trip sizes are limited.